Sage CRM

  • Sage CRM is a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM)solution for businesses seeking a low-cost, low-risk option. With seamless integration to Sage 300 ERP, Sage CRM lets you view critical customer data from the back office, providing your staff with a complete view of customer interactions.

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By integrating your sales, marketing, and customer service functions, Sage CRM makes it easier for everyone inside your company to work together and share critical information. Sales, marketing and customer serviceteams gain the tools they need to find new customers, close sales more quickly and build lasting, more profitable relationships.
Interactive Dashboard
The Sage CRM interactive dash boardrevolutionises the way you manage your business and how your employees manage their day. The interactive dashboard delivers a rich and personalised user experience that boosts productivity and helps drive user adoption across the business.With the Sage CRM interactive dashboard, users can manage all their activity from one place. This includes their calendar, their tasks, their lists and web and RSS  feeds, driving productivity throughout your organisation and enabling your staff to accomplish more from a tailored workspace that combines the information they use every day.Using innovative drag and drop functionality, users can re-size and re-position gadgets, enabling them to personalise the data they see and how it is presented to them. This delivers an intuitive and convenient way to view and action items, reducing the need to switch between screens. A number of pre-installed role-based dashboards are available out-of-the-box for sales, marketing, customer service and management. Users can also create bespoke company dashboards for key accounts ensuring that relevant content is available for maximum efficiency.
Cross-browser Compatibility
Sage CRM provides end users with the ability to access their solution across all modern internet browser sand work efficiently through the modern, intuitive interface. Supported browsers include Internet Explorer (versions 7, 8 and 9) and the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Mobile Solutions

Mobile CRM is rapidly becoming a must-have for field sales and customer service teams, enabling them to access critical customer information in real-time, increasing sales and service effectiveness at every stage of the customer relationship cycle.

With this in mind Sage CRM has developed a complete mobile solution that equips your mobile workforce with the necessary tools to enable them to do their job effectively.

Sage CRM mobile solutions are an important asset to your sales team enabling users to quickly search and update contacts, opportunities, leads and cases and to run and view reports on the move.

Social CRM Solutions

Sage CRM integrates with key social media applications such as Twitter, LinkedIn® & Facebook providing new ways to connect and interact with customers and prospects.

Social CRM provides new ways for businesses to interact with and get closer to customers. Integrating social media activity with CRM can further harness the power of communication with your customers and prospects, creating a meaningful community and building strong mutually-rewarding relationships.

Sage CRM integrates with key social media applications such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to enable users to engage with prospects and customers in a collaborative manner. This enables teams to generate leads, foster loyalty, build customer retention and increase revenue.

Key integrations with LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook enable your marketing teams to extend conversations and collaboration with prospects and customers to social media channels. By engaging with LinkedIn® members through Sage CRM for LinkedIn®, users can tap into the endless possibilities of social networking for instant knowledge about customers and prospects. Sage CRM for Twitter enables companies to manage their communications with prospects and customers directly from within Sage CRM. Sage CRM for Twitter enables users to post or reply directly to a tweet from within Sage CRM. Not only this but users can view Twitter feeds for specific companies and people and can then save the contents of the Tweet to a note within Sage CRM.

Sage CRM for Facebook enables users to gain customer insights from Facebook, giving them a complete picture of customer and prospect interactions, without leaving Sage CRM. In addition to these key social CRM integrations, a website gadget on the Sage CRM interactive dashboard allows users to browse social media sites from within Sage CRM, removing the need for them to switch between applications.

Sage E-Marketing

Sage E-marketing for Sage CRM is a fully integrated email marketing solution which includes attention-grabbing e-marketing templates, smart-sending features, automated drip marketing campaigns and the ability to track open, click and bounce rates all from within Sage CRM.

Sage E-marketing for Sage CRM delivers all the power of e-marketing software directly through Sage CRM for end-to end marketing campaign management. With a library of over 90 highly designed
templates, users can execute targeted email marketing campaigns and drip marketing campaigns to the right people at the right time for maximum impact.

Responses can be analysed in real-time and campaigns can be tweaked continuously to ensure that companies get the maximum return on investment from each and every campaign.

From open rates to click and bounce tracking rate, this easy-to-use feature will not only help quantify the success of an e-marketing campaign but will allow users to pinpoint exactly how they can improve
their communications and keep customers and prospects engaged.