Enabling mid-size to larger domestic and international construction companies to meet industry-specific challenges in an increasingly complex, Enterprise Management Construction solution built for the construction industry.
Enterprise Management Construction delivers a data-driven, unified experience built on the proven Enterprise Management platform used by over 5,000 customers worldwide. This industry solution offers core capabilities for complete construction lifecycle management, including: Project Management, Contract & Sub-Contract Management, Estimating, Project Financial and Cash Flow Management, Project Document Management, Timesheet Support, and Project Visualization & Analytics. 

Industry Challenges

  • Decisions based on stale data, captured from reports and meetings, and qualitative
  • Isolated data, different sources, hard to analyze or act upon
  • Opportunity to mitigate risks/cost overruns either missed or the impact in addressing has greatly diminished upon recognition
  • Mid-tier to large domestic and international core construction companies
  • Construction related industries (specialty trades, MEP, fit out, property mgmt. divisions
  • Typical turnover ~$30m – $1,900m per year
  • Internal processes sufficient complexity to derive value from X3 core capabilities
  • Require multi-site, multi-entity, multi-country/currency capabilities


  • Decisions enabled using on-site data captured in the field with tablets; quantitative WIP data
  • Multi-system data aggregated into one view for fast decisions
  • PM’s react to opportunities with real-time visibility using intuitive WBS visualizations and KPIs
  • Construction & project managers ,site supervisors, construction and quality/reporting field team leads
  • Vendors and sub-contractors for estimates, scheduling, and change requests
  • Back-office account managers A/R, A/P and payroll clerks for income and expenses against projects
  • Senior management and potentially clients to view the status of potential and ongoing

We covered the business drivers, market sizing, some of the pains – how does X3FC address these pains?

  • Insight: bringing actionable data to the PM, and a single source of the ‘latest’, real-time, truth from the field– delivering much more granular project insight within a work breakdown structure (WBS) through beautiful visualizations and self-service KPIs
  • Risk: Mentioned before, profit determined at contract inception; X3FC is about the ‘right of the line’ – reducing risk, and those megaproject cost overruns of actual work.
  • Collaboration: X3FC use the mobile-first, dynamic core platform of X3 to deliver improve field-to-office communication and complete project mobilization
  • Confidence: X3FC allows firms to reach deeper into their businesses, and get to the actual financial health of not just one project, but your projects – so you don’t over extend your business and can grow smartly.

The system is also built to scale, and it’s built on a proven platform that as over+5K ERP customers worldwide – many with multi-country, multi-entity requirements.